Low tide Birling Gap


limited edition silkscreen print
paper – Saunders Waterford 425gsm High White

edition of 75
image size 400mm x 400mm
paper size 500mm x 500mm

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Found in the middle of the Seven Sisters on the Sussex Coast, Birling Gap is part of the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs, one of the longest stretches of undeveloped coastline on the south coast.
I went there at low tide to draw and paint out on the seaweed strewn boulders, below towering cliffs of chalk, to really get a sense of the awesome cliffline stretching away towards Brighton. So immersed was I in the drawing that I forgot that tidal forces were at work and was only alerted of that fact by water lapping around my feet. I escaped being washed away by a whisker.

▻ Low tide Birling Gap ▻ size 550mm x 380mm ▻ silkscreen print ▻ edition 75 ▻ price £310
▻ paper – Arches Aquarelle 365gsm

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